Missing person in Fort St John - Please Cross-Post

Hi, I apologize that this is not exactly BC politics related but I live on the other side of the country and am looking for BC livejournals that will reach a lot of members.

My friend Abigail Andrews has been missing for a week. She is 28, pregnant, and was last seen leaving her apartment in Fort St John walking to a friend's house.

She is 6ft tall, and not the type of person you would imagine a mugger striking at random would go after. She is generally very communicative and no one has heard from her or seen her since April 7.

All the RCMP has said is that there may be foul play involved.

I am doing my best to reach out to anyone who may know anyone around there. Somebody somewhere has to know something.

 All of her family and friends are worried sick. Please take a minute to look at the news articles, join the facebook group and pass along the information to anyone you may know, especially in Northern BC or the interior of Alberta. If you can recommend anywhere else to post or would like to cross post, PLEASE do.

Thank you.

Facebook page (PLEASE JOIN):!/group.php?gid=104181069623948&ref=mf

The RCMP of BC has a Twitter page:

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 Hey everyone,

                               Just a friendly reminder (or notice) that Covenant House is holding our annual "30 Days for 30 Nights" Campaign; in support of this we will be launching a city-wide "Casual Day for Covenant House"--- we're hoping that you (and your colleagues) will join us by purchasing a "Casual Day" sticker and "going casual" for the day to show your support for Covenant House!

Here are the F.A.Q.s---


» Casual Day is the culmination of our ‘ 30 days for 30 nights' Campaign.

» Our goal is to raise $279,000.


» Friday December 1 st, 2006 (December is our busiest month of the year)


» Your staff purchases Casual Day stickers encouraging them to “go casual for Covenant House” on December 1st. There's a $5.00 minimum cost but your company can suggest its own donation amount.


» For donations of $20.00 or more.


To participate, please contact the Development Office at 604.685.5437


» Over 300 youth in our residential crisis shelter and drop in program. Your efforts will provide our youth with a safe haven, food, clothing, one-on-one counseling and life skills training during the holiday season.


» Covenant House Vancouver is comprised of a residential crisis shelter, outreach, a drop-in centre and a transitional living program. Last fiscal we assisted 1802 young people (36% of the youth that stay in our Crisis Shelter move on to stable and safe housing away from the streets).


» $9,000 per day – the cost of operating Covenant House's two core programs at maximum capacity.


» We are almost entirely privately funded by you, a family member or your friends. 85% of our annual operating budget comes from caring individuals

For more information, visit

Thanks guys! Take care,

Anna xxx

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Shake Things Up With Elizabeth May


Elizabeth May

(obviously, hahah), candidate for federal Green Party Leadership

appearences by

Adriane Carr

Timothy Wisdom (and special guests)

DJ Girl

plus a silent art auction with original works by bc artists

monday, june 5th
WISE hall

1882 Adanac St
8:30 pm - 1 am
by donation


Boycott Canada's Census


Lockheed Martin (the biggest U.S. weapons contractor and in fact the biggest weapons contractor in the world) is working on the next Canadian Census. That's because Statistics Canada chose to contract out the part of the census dealing with software, hardware and printing to Lockheed Martin--despite the fact that Stat Can promotes itself at home and internationally as a leader in information gathering.

What this means is that your tax dollars for the census will go to a non-Canadian corporation. It means that Canadian jobs will be lost due to the automation of the census. And it means that a large part of the census will be handled by a corporation that makes weapons of mass destruction. A corporation that reaps huge benefits financially from the war in Iraq, a war that Canadians rightfully oppose. A corporation that works behind the scenes to influence U.S. public policy to help maximize its own profits. A corporation that is leading the development of the Star Wars missile-defense program for the Pentagon. A corporation that is consistently rated one of the worst corporations in the world for various reasons including human rights abuses. And a corporation that might invade your privacy.

Say no to Lockheed Martin's involvement in the Canadian census. Say yes to Canada. Join Canadians across the country and BOYCOTT the census.

It is Illegal to not fill out your census forms. Failure to do so could result in a maximum fine of $500 and maximum jail time of 3 months. If you do not wish to face this penalty, there are still ways to show our government that you are not happy with the contracting of parts of the census to Lockheed Martin. To find out what you can do, other than a complete boycott, check out

World Urban Forum and Youth Food Coordinator Volunteer Needed!

The World Urban Forum and Youth Organizing Committee has an opening for a Food
Coordinator Volunteer, beginning immediately!

Food Coordinator Volunteer Position

Time: Minimum 20 hours a week

-Solicit healthy, local food donations for a 300 delegate youth conference
-Plan weeklong conference food menu
-Develop food implementation strategy including number of volunteers needed,
kitchen facilities, storage of food, etc.

If you are interested in coordinating food for the international World Youth
Forum, please send your resume to Please include in your
email brief answers to the following questions:

1) Why would you like to volunteer as a Food Coordinator?
2) How much time do you have to volunteer? What days of the week and times of
day could you volunteer?

The WUFY team will review your volunteer application and will contact you for a
brief interview. If you are not contacted for an interview, your resume will
be kept on file for future volunteer positions that open up during the World
Youth Forum and the World Urban Forum. We will contact you for these volunteer
positions later in May.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering,

World Urban Forum and Youth Organizing Committee

Bill Bennett -- A Mandarin's View

Just finished a great book on the Bill Bennett years (1975-86), entitled Bill Bennett: A Mandarin's View by Bob Plecas, one of his former senior staffers. It was a quick, breezy read that would have been made better if it were a longer, more critical assessment of Bennett along the lines of David Mitchell's book on the premier's father, W.A.C. Bennett and the Rise of British Columbia. Still, it's a nice antidote to the two Bill Bennett books written by Stan Persky (Son of Socred and Bennett II) and well timed as we're just a couple of weeks away from the 20th anniversary of Expo 86, Bennett's legacy project. If you have any interest into how BC got to where it is today and perhaps some historical insight into the figure our current Premier likely modeled himself after, I recommend you pick it up...

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poison me

World Urban Forum 2006 in Vancouver!

By 2050, 7.5 billion people will live in urban areas throughout the world. Our survival depends on the survival of all cities.

Global Warming, air pollution, urban sprawl, overflowing landfills, water shortages, disease and global conflict will be the legacy of this century unless we move quickly towards sustainability. This will take vision, commitment and partnership. It will require collaboration among experts and the involvement of all citizens.

The World Urban Forum (WUF) is an international meeting on urban-issues, produced by the United Nations and the governments of Canada to be held in Vancouver this June.

The WUF will be a unique opportunity for citizens, community groups, academics and governments from around the world to meet and work together to find new solutions to the complicated problems facing our quickly growing cities.

To register or for more information, please visit:

Another helpful site:

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"Recall Emerson" Userpic

I've whipped up a "Recall Emerson" livejournal Userpic.

Hope you can tell me where there is anti-Emerson activity and/or images?

(David Emerson is the Vancouver Kingsway MP who recently switched parties right after he was elected.)
Austin // 365 Project New Years

Rock the Vote

Okay so me and 3 friends are organizing a "rocking the vote" event in Vernon, B.C. The event will be for the purpose of bringing voting awareness to our area through music.

We're looking to have it at the rec centre in the Arena. We are planning to invite all of the federal candidates in the Okanagan -- Shuswap riding (except Gordon Campbell the independant not the priemer, we can't find his contact info... can anyone help?) and we're also looking at inviting whatever riding Kelowna is in as well.

We are looking for Bands to play this event for free. Any connections?
Also we are looking for sponsorship right now our expenses is looking at $600+ and we are broke. We'll fly banners and of course your name will be on the poster.

We will also have a booth which we need someone to run

I'm also looking for volunteers for security, running consession stands and manning the doors. please contact me via this post or e-mail.

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Interesting editorial on the Green Party.

Out of curiousity, are those folks thinking of voting green doing so because of their dislike of the big 3 parties? Or is it because of their environmental roots?

Vote NDP if you’re thinking green
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
By: Dave Cannon
The environment has not been getting much attention in the run-up to the federal election so far. This is not too surprising considering how weak the Liberals have demonstrated themselves to be when it comes to environmental policy.

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